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This wiki was just an early attempt to create a wiki for information and analysis about Last Scenario and Exit Fate. This page is meant as just a first draft, and the content of it will be transferred to another wiki one day.

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SCF Games

Right now, there are two JRPGs by SCF: Last Scenario and Exit Fate.

Last Scenario is mainly about a young boy called Hilbert, who starts as an unimportant villager and in progress of the storyline has to deal with a complex political situation, questions of morale, treachery, losses and a great responsability. The game starts very typical and conventional, but in the progress of the storyline the depth and originality of the story increases very much. Last Scenario also contains a card game called Hex with a variety of 100 tiles (cards) that can be collected.

The game was created with the RPG Maker XP, and the extreme effort it's created with and its epic length, deep story and high-quality artwork are unusual for that platform.

Exit Fate is similar at the point that its primary matters are ideals and politics and the basic situation is a war amongst three countries about an island, but the plot itself is completely different. Exit Fate also has strategical battles with a varying amount of units.

It is also made with RPG Maker XP, but uses the tiles from Suikoden II. The story is even more philosophical than that of its precedessor, and the artwork also surpassed Last Scenario's.

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